Our vision

Sengrun has adopted the principle of trust, prestige and customer satisfaction in the floor covering sector and aims to provide services and contents to the customers while anticipating innovations to produce effective and technological solutions in the floor covering sector.

Sengrun Flooring Solutions, founded in 2018 in Turkey as a subsidiary of Sengert BVBA established in Belgium in 1997, continues its services by aiming customer satisfaction in its sector with 21 years of experience.

Our mission

To provide the most reliable, innovative and cost-effective products, services and solutions in its sector, to respect the time and rights of our customers, to increase the value we add to our employees, society and environment continuously and clearly. To bring together epoxy and polyurethane floor coating culture with customers in Belgium as well as in Turkey and to create environments that bring new experiences to the customer, innovative in design, healthy and nature-friendly.