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Taş Halı

Taşhalı® is a floor coating product applied in 6-10mm thickness by combining epoxy or polyurethane resins with 1-2, 2-4, 4-8 and 8-12 mm sized stone granules natural or colored with special techniques and it provides solutions for complex designs, borders, logos and other graphics to be used on the floor.

Kum Halı

Kumhalı®, the floor coating product that applied by combining epoxy resin and 0,2-0,5-0,7 mm-sized natural or colored special techniques sand homogeneously.

Dökme Zemin

Dökme Zemin® is a floor coating product that can be applied in all RAL colors with epoxy or polyurethane resins to create a durable, low-maintenance floor coating.

Taş Zemin

Taş Zemin is the decorative exterior floor covering prepared and applied with specially tamed natural stones. Taş Zemin is a developing style used in house restoration and design. Taş Zemin has become a popular choice for domestic use, mainly known for exterior designs such as roads and walkways.

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